You Know It

May 3, 2014

I will walk away, you know why,
I will never get a chance to say a last 'hi',
You said once that I was your world,
And you will never let it die...

You gave up; I think you are doing right,
My life has been a black hole,
And I am like a dark night,
Together our future can never be bright,
You are like a star, shinning up in the sky,
I will walk away, you know why...

With every fight, I got to know you more,
Your frustration made you sour,
For the first time, you became open and told me what you want,
New life is knocking, c'mon open the door,
I am your past and cannot be a present day,
I will walk away, you know why...

- Simran Kankas
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