Blank Sheet of Paper

Peter was shocked to see the blank sheet of paper inside the box, that his grandfather had just gifted him. It was supposed to be a special gift as it was his eighteenth birthday.

All the excitement was gone from his face. His eyes were sad. His grandfather watched him and said to Peter, “My Son, always remember one thing in life, your destiny is like this blank sheet and you are the creator of your Destinyland. Do make mistakes, they can be cut back, decorate it with beautiful dreams, design it with your experiences in realizing your dreams, but never let anyone else to write on it, as it has got a fixed space, once you tear it off, it cannot be undone. Moreover, a blank sheet of paper brings sadness on a person’s face, who expects others to fill it, because he gets success only by following the known path, as it brings the known results, but the same blank sheet of paper can bring the happiness on a person’s face, who knows that he can create a history, he can be the first person to do the job, that no one has done yet. So, “Recognize the opportunity in everything you get, you might not get it again”.

Peter hugged his grandfather. He had understood that his grandfather had just given him the most special gift of his life.


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Jaya Prakash :Jan 10, 2015

Very much inspiring!

Dinesh Yadav :Jan 10, 2015

O yeah, The one who believes in him, sees positive in everything. Nice blog

Harpal Singh :Jan 9, 2015

What a blog Simran ji, mind blowing! It is so inspiring, you have presented an important message in an intelligent and unique way. Very nice, god bless

ashish sharma :Jan 9, 2015

Fantastic blog mam, keep writing and keep guiding us

siddharth sharma :Jan 9, 2015

Very beautifully written. You are an intelligent and beautiful person. Your writing inspires us all. Yeah, it's true, Blank sheet is what we all need. Beautiful story.