For those who believe in God

Mary’s colleague has been watching this every month. At the end of every month, whenever salary comes, Mary transfers some amount into her second account, which was also in her name and was in the same branch. Today when Mary did the same thing, he decided to ask her.

He picked up two coffee mugs, gave one to Mary and said, “Whenever salary comes, I have noticed that you transfer small part of your salary to your other account. The other account is also in your name. It is also in the same branch. I just want to say that though the amount is small, you can invest it in some beneficiary scheme and you may get some return on it. So, I am curious to know the reason behind this.

Mary sipped the coffee, placed her mug on her desk, turned to her colleague and said, “Before I tell you that, I want you to answer my two questions.” Her colleague was so curious to know the mystery that he quickly agreed to do that.

Mary asked, “Do you believe in God?” Her colleague replied, “Yes.”

Mary asked, “Do you know any scheme where you invest your money, which guarantees 100% return, full security, no risks, still you keep the possession of your money and you can even withdraw it in emergencies without paying any penalty?”

Her colleague looked at her puzzled. He was an MBA and was known as the master of all investment plans that were present in the market, but he had never heard about any such scheme. Feeling proud of himself, he looked at Mary and said, “No, there is no such scheme, I can bet on that.” Mary knew her colleague was a gold medalist in the college and was an intelligent person. She simply smiled and said, “Now, I am going to solve your curiosity.”

She went on, “As you know, I belong to a very poor family. So, I always needed a scheme, which could give me a freedom to send the required amount to my parents along with some savings with me. But, as you know that I am a God-believing person, not a God fearing person, So, I needed to travel to the pilgrimage at least once a year and obviously, I needed money for that also. So, I came up with the idea that solved all my problems. I started transferring minimal amount in the name of the God to another account from my salary and the required amount to my home from the rest of the salary. That way, the minimal amount became my saving, allowing me to spend it on the pilgrimage. Whenever any emergency comes, I withdraw from this account, believing that God is helping me out. Thus, this scheme also gives me 100% return in the form of satisfaction of fulfilling my duties without altering my faith.” Mary paused, looked at her colleague with a warm smile on her lips and said, “This scheme really works, but only for those who believe in God.”


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Ashish Chakravorty :Apr 1, 2016

Hahahah Great !!! Very well

Siddhartha Sharma :Mar 16, 2015

Very motivating, beautiful way of writing. Very well done Simran

Rahul :Jan 24, 2015

yeah.. What a wise scheme!!!. God helps those who help themselves..... Great work!!!