The King and the Common Man

The King was very proud of himself. He was enthroned just a month before, has won his first war and was loved by his subjects. He was famous for his truthfulness and had never lied in his life. He was sitting with the courtiers. Suddenly, some of his soldiers came in with a man, who was in his thirties and had a charm on his face. On being asked, one of the soldiers told the king, “Your highness, this man was shouting in the streets that the king is too weak to be a king.” On hearing this, everybody present there were stunned and could not believe on their eyes and ears. Everyone demanded the King to put this man behind bars.

The king asked the man, “Who are you? What made you think like that? It is my duty to give you one chance to prove your point. You have 24 hours, but if you fail in doing so, you will be hanged till death.”

The man said, “Your highness, I am a common man. I will prove my point, but I want a promise from you first.”

The King asked, “What is that?”

The common man replied, “If I prove my point, you will appoint me as your personal adviser.”

The king hesitated for a moment, but finally agreed because he knew that this man would never be able to prove what he had said.

The common man smiled and said, “Your highness, if I appear in your dream tonight, it will be the indication that I am right.”

The king looked at the man and went away saying that they would all meet tomorrow.

That night, the king could not keep himself away from thinking about the common man. He thought that he had just won the war; everybody was calling him brave, then how could a common man call him too weak to be a king. But deep inside his heart, he was afraid too. What if the common man would prove his point? What would happen if the common man appeared in his dream tonight?

The next morning when soldiers brought the common man in the courtroom, the King smiled and said, “as you all know about my truthfulness, so I tell all the people present here that I did not see this man in my dream last night, which clearly indicates that this man is a liar and I order him to be hanged till death.” The king asked the common man to make his last wish.

The common man said, “Your highness, I just want to know what you saw in your dream?”

The king smiled again, made a gesture of his own intelligence and said, “I did not see any dream as I did not sleep last night.” Everyone laughed.

The common man said, “Release me as I have proved my point just now.”

There was silence in the courtroom. The King got angry and said to the man, “how dare you doubt my truthfulness?”

This time, it was the common man who smiled and said, “Your highness, I am not denying the fact that you always speak the truth. I am just saying that I have proved my point. I had said that if I appear in your dream, it will be proven that you are too weak to be a king. You did not want to take any risks, so you decided to be awake all the night. You did not sleep. You forgot about your own peace because you were not confident on your strength. In my eyes, a person, who does not believe in himself, who can question his own capabilities when some stranger challenges him, who gets influenced with any negativity around him, who can forget about his own peace, is too weak to be a King.

The King got up, smiled and said, “You will be my personal adviser now. I have understood that if you have confidence in you, no one can beat you. When you are confident what you are capable of, you don’t get afraid of taking risks in life. Moreover, when you believe in yourself, you outshine others.”


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Harpal singh :Jan 17, 2015

Mind blowing Simran ji. We all get influenced with such common men, thank you for this intelligent story, it definitely helps all of us in getting alert. Keep guiding us

siddharth sharma :Jan 17, 2015

Take a bow Simran!!! Amazing story, Superb writing, very inspirational too. Awesome work! Yeah, this is true, we should believe in ourselves

Rahul :Jan 16, 2015

What a great work....Brilliant! God bless you